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A New Beginning

There is something magical about the ocean. No matter what you build, no matter what kind of hole you dig, the next day, the beach will be smooth. It’s one of the amazing things of our existence. Every day is a fresh start, and every day reminds you of how fortunate you are.

I have had the chance to meet schools from all over the world, and with nearly every conversation, the recurring theme centered around some sort of admission challenge. It didn’t matter if the school was struggling to fill seats or if they had a waiting list for 13 years (and yes, there are schools like that out there…crazy, right?), they all have some sort of issue that they are trying to solve.

During my time as a Director of Enrollment Management, I was fortunate to work with some heads of school who were visionary and not afraid of a big idea. It was out of these relationships that the seeds of this endeavor was born. John Watson and Rick O’Hara were absolutely vital in the formation of the ideas and tools that I am so thrilled to bring to the market today. I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism, courage, and encouragement during our time together.

The real question you are probably thinking, though, is WHY?

The answer is simple.

Nobody gets into admissions work because they LOVE excel or data.

Admissions people are, by nature, in the position because they are “people” people. They love to meet a new family and bring tremendous enthusiasm for their school to every conversation. However, staff with that vibrant spirit often get little to no training or assistance in implementing processes, which can create gaps in enrollment.

My journey begins with one mission: to help admission offices of all sizes be more efficient. Whether  assisting in process map creation or building strategic enrollment marketing plans, our work together will be collaborative and transformative.  I learn and grow from each conversation, and can’t wait to share my travels and experiences with you.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed and flattered with the early response to this concept.  Schools that are completely full are excited to dig in and get better, and schools that have spaces are eager to fill their seats with new, mission appropriate, full-pay students. It’s going to be a fantastic ride.

As I look at the ocean and the many footprints on the beach this afternoon, I can’t wait for tomorrow. New challenges, new beginnings, and a new conversation with you.

See you at the top!


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