Day 2…thoughts and musings…

It’s been a busy and crazy day here in Baltimore. Great sessions on video, inclusion, and changing the mindset of the educational system in general. Really engaging.

I have been stopping groups of people and asking them what’s top of mind as they reflect on the day’s activities…here is a sampling:

In order to change lives, you have to have a capacity for change as a school and as an educator….

If you are going to commit to a diversity audit (or any other high level strategic undertaking) you have to be available and willing to commit the same organizational resources to the project that you would admission or development.

To be successful, you have to provide ample time for your teams to live the mission of the school, and not pay it lip service.

The effective classroom of the future has to move from teaching to learning. Students can’t be taught, but they can learn.

Wow….some really great and deep thoughts and takeaways from the presentations today. In fact, I would even say that much of these points drive home the need to focus on “the big picture” and on the STORY  of your school, and not just the nuts and bolts.

In a conversation with an admission professional, she was lamenting her schools emphasis on statistical “needs”, (ap classes, faculty size, etc) and not the real outcome for the kids on campus. It’s a fascinating difference, and as you try to differentiate your school in the market place, it’s VITAL to know when to be emotional and when to be intellectual.

So, we move on with the afternoon sessions, and keeping the day moving. Have a great Thursday!

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