Summer Funnel…is YOURS full?

It’s finally summer. Well, at least it is here in Baltimore. As I sat watching a charity softball game yesterday, and saw scores of kids running around and getting autographs from their favorite NFL players, I was thinking about how schools market to this group.

In fact, it’s quite remarkable how many of our schools aren’t really sure, at this point in the summer, what kind of applicant pool they are expecting for the upcoming enrollment season. And that’s kind of scary. Do you know how many 8th graders are in your feeder school classes? How about what the birth rate is for students who would be entering school this year? Without that data, you could be looking at a REALLY uncomfortable admission season.

Over the last two weeks, Admission Pro has delivered admission and marketing reports to our clients for the summer mailing season. What’s been most remarkable about our work together has been the realization of how many students are actually in the market for a given year.

For instance, if you are a high school in a relatively populated area, wouldn’t it be good to know that there are roughly 2,000 students who match your typical family profile in a 30 mile radius? That one piece of data can mean the difference between hitting and missing your enrollment goals for the year, and if you DON’T know it, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Of course, there is another important point to consider.


How can you get to know if a family is a good fit for your school, if you don’t even know who they are?

With some great early work with these clients, we were able to provide them a prospect pool of over 2,000 families that were exact matches for their school. Wouldn’t THAT be a great way to go into the summer?

So, as you are preparing for the summer break, take a second and look at your prospect pool. Is it ready to really filly your school in the fall?

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